Multi-currency Global Account

One account to manage all your monies. You know exactly where your money is and how much do you own

The Multi-currency Global Account enables you to store over 20 different currencies. What’s more, a significant portion of these currencies is held in local accounts, which allows you to take advantage of domestic payment systems for efficient local collection and payout. By utilizing these local payment rails, not only can you save on payment costs but also enhance the efficiency of your collection and payout processes. This is due to the fact that most domestic payment rails operate in real-time mode and are available 24/7, eliminating the limitations typically associated with cross-border payment networks.

How it works?

  • One master account under your name
  • Hold, collect, and pay in more than 20 currencies
  • Access to domestic ACH or real-time payment rails

Benefits to you

  • Reduce payment turnaround time, realize your cash efficiency
  • Enhance customer experience, allow your customers to pay and receive in their preferred currencies
  • Transfer profits back home whenever you wish, take full control of your money