Foreign Exchange

Take full control of your foreign exchange, convert whatever you need, and whenever you want

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often face significant foreign exchange (FX) challenges when operating in global markets. Fluctuating exchange rates can have a profound impact on their financial stability and profitability. SMBs may encounter difficulties in managing FX risks, as they may lack the resources or expertise to effectively hedge against currency fluctuations. Furthermore, converting funds from foreign currencies back to home country currency can lead to unpredictable losses due to FX markups imposed by banks.

Apus Payment Platform allows you to hold more than 20 currencies, lock an FX rate for a future date, you know exactly how much you are paying and how much your beneficiary will receive, there is no ambiguity of markups or bank charges associated with a foreign currency exchange and international payments.

Apus helps you navigate through the foreign exchange torrent, and gain confidence in a world full of uncertainties.