Let Apus connect you with the world economy

Logistic companies play a vital role in the global supply chain, serving as the backbone that ensures the efficient movement and distribution of goods worldwide. They bring together various components, including transportation, warehousing, inventory management, and information systems, to create a seamless flow of products from manufacturers to consumers.

Thanks to the deep connection between logistic companies and manufacturers, it’s natural for logistic companies to provide payment collection services on behalf of their manufacturer customers. By integrating payment collection into logistics services, logistic companies offer a convenient and efficient way for manufacturers to receive payments from their customers internationally.

Some logistics companies, such as shipping companies, which understand their manufacturer customers may require assistance with cross-border payment collection, especially in international trade when dealing with different currencies, payment methods, and customs regulations can be complex, have built-in payment processing capabilities or have partnerships with payment service providers, like Apus, to handle payment collections.

In Apus Payment Platform, logistic companies can accept multi-currency pay-ins, verify payment authenticity, and integrate with other back-office applications, such as invoices management, to manage the entire payment process on behalf of the manufacturers.

Logistic companies that offer payment collection services on behalf of merchants provide a valuable solution to streamline the financial aspect of manufacturers. By acting as intermediaries between manufacturers and customers, logistic companies facilitate secure and efficient payment transactions. They leverage their expertise in logistics and supply chain management to seamlessly integrate payment collection into the overall process, ensuring a smooth flow of funds. On the other hand, by offloading the responsibility of payment collection to logistic companies, manufacturers can focus on their core business activities, while ensuring timely and hassle-free collections from their international customers.